What is Media Cloud?
Your tailor-made solutions suite

The most comprehensive solutions suite for local and regional publishers, vertical media, trade magazines and editorials. The package includes:

  • Management of editorial processes
  • Paywall
  • Advertising
  • File management
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Who is it for?

The perfect option for:

Any business that needs to

  • Produce content
  • Manage its archives
  • Manage advertising

Businesses that want technological soundness at a low cost

  • Infrastructure housed in the Oracle OCI
  • Disaster recovery, daily backup, guaranteed SLA

Production teams of 3 to 40 users

  • Only pay for the licences you need
  • Fully centralised user, permission and access management

Teams that want to optimise their technical resources

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Quick and efficient learning process

Discover the solutions suite chosen by more than 500 media around the world

Media Cloud is the product of closely working with our clients to deliver innovative solutions for content, news, advertising, target audience analysis, subscriptions and digital asset management.

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Benefits of Media Cloud


Tailored, quick and straightforward implementation

The whole team can work from home

Guaranteed security due to monitored cloud storage of your data

Scalability: increase or reduce your licences at any time

Team of multilingual experts for 24/7 support

Regular updates and maintenance of the entire suite included

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