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The Media Cloud suite is the set of cloud solutions adapted to the needs of publishing media outlets during their daily workflow. It also allows teams to access and content from anywhere, encouraging mobility.


Discover the Media Cloud suite

If you have between 3 and 40 users and you are looking for the best integrated editorial system, Media Cloud is right for you.

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The price is calculated based on concurrent users and your company’s needs. You can calculate your tailored price by completing a short form and giving some key information about your business:

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Yes. Our apps can work on operating systems (Windows/MAC) and mobile device operating systems (iOS/Android).

No. You can work from anywhere and without the need for a VPN connection.

Yes. The Media Cloud support teams ensures ongoing system maintenance and updates, including the latest features and upgrades for all apps free of charge.

No. Standard storage is 150GB, regardless of number of users. The monthly fee can vary for each 100GB increment or fraction over the standard amount.

As far as outgoing traffic is concerned, the standard quota is 10TB, regardless of number of users. The monthly fee can vary for each TB or fraction over the standard amount.

You will receive a monthly report about your usage, both storage and outgoing traffic.


Yes. We include SSL certificate and maintenance for all of your HTTPS connections. Domain registration and renewal is not included.

A speed of 50mbps is advised for users to work smoothly. The client is responsible for having the right Internet connection to access all of the Media Cloud solutions they have purchased.

The Media Cloud suite includes active and passive security measures, the security systems that come with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) on which the infrastructure is built, and extra measures to guarantee production processes for media outlets.

Yes. Our CMS fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Media Cloud includes 24/7 support which ensures production continuity at any time.

Yes. You can ask your sales rep to increase or reduce your licences at any time. Your licences will be adjusted to you needs within 3 working days.